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This course introduces fundamental concepts of computer networks. Lectures provide an introduction to the whole network procotol stack, presented in a way that is accessible for students with only a computer systems background, discuss protocol standards, and existing technologies. Topics include OSI, TCP/IP and knowledge of each layer, Network Applications, Network Security, Multimedia and Advanced Technologies.

The goal is for students to learn the basic concepts in computer network, gain an understanding of technologies in today's network environment and advanced technologies.


This course assumes you have taken an “Introduction to Computer Systems” course(For example based on the O’Hallaron and Bryant book).

For programming experience, you need to have knowledge in C/C++ programming for the project.

Course Staff


Chenren Xu Science Building No.5 515S

Teaching Assistants

Yunzhe Ni     Science Building No.5 517

Course Policies


You must complete individual assignments and tests by yourself. And you must collaborate with your partner in the team-based project and labs.

It is acceptable and encouraged to help fellow students with generic problems(e.g. where to find documentation, use of tools...).

Everyone of you need to provide proper credit when reusing material.

Academic Integrity

The Peking University Policy on Integrity applies. We will strictly follow university policy on reporting cases of cheating.

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