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In this course, we will use a case-study-based approach to give an overview of four decades of research on operating systems and distributed systems. Topics include Concurrency, Fault Tolerence, Measurement, Storage, File Systems, Virtual Machine and Big Data. The learning objectives are:

This course assumes a basic familiarity with operating systems concepts. Students are required to read about 2-3 research papers each day, write reviews and actively participate in class discussion.


This course assumes you have taken an "Introduction to Computer Systems" course (For example based on the O'Hallaron and Bryant book). We will also build on basic networking and signals but the course includes introductory material on these topics.

For programming experience, you need to have knowledge in C/C++ programming for the project.

Course Staff


Hui Zhang
Chenren Xu Science Building No.5 515S

Teaching Assistants

Shuang Jiang     Science Building No.5 517

Course Policies


You must complete individual assignments and tests by yourself. And you must collaborate with your partner in the team-based project.

It is acceptable and encouraged to help fellow students with generic problems(e.g. where to find documentation, use of tools...).

Everyone of you need to provide proper credit when reusing material.

Academic Integrity

The Peking University Policy on Integrity applies. We will strictly follow university policy on reporting cases of cheating.

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