There is no official textbook for this course, but the followings are highly recommended and really helpful as background material for this course:

If you have not taken an "Introduction to Computer System" course, you may find this textbook useful as a gentle, software-focused introduction to computer architecture.


Your final grade for the course will be based on the following weights for the individual assignments:

  • 20% Class Discussion
  • 20% Homework
  • 30% Paper Review
  • 30% Final Exam

Take the deadlines seriously. You can extend the deadlines with a 10% penalty per day. Note that any submissions will NOT be accepted 48 hours after the due date.

Schedule (dates and topics are subject to change)

Date Instructor Topics Readings
Mon 07/03 Hui Zhang Introduction Unix: Ritchie74
Tue 07/04 Hui Zhang File Systems Measurement: Ousterhout85, Baker91
LFS: Rosenblum92
Wed 07/05 Hui Zhang File Systems AFS: Howard88
Coda: Kistler92
Thu 07/06 Hui Zhang Storage Systems RAID: Patterson88, Schroeder07
Fri 07/07 Hui Zhang RPC & Experiences RPC: Birrell84
Experiences: Gabriel91 (Section 2.1 only), Lampson83, Saltzer84
Mon 07/10 Hui Zhang Virtual Machine Virtualization: Barham03
Tue 07/11 Hui Zhang Byzantine Generals & Paxos Byzantine: Lamport82
Paxos: Lamport01
Wed 07/12 Hui Zhang GFS & BigTable GFS: Ghemawat03
BigTable: Chang06
Thu 07/13 Hui Zhang MapReduce & Spark MapReduce: Dean04
Spark: Zaharia12
DataFlow: Murray13
Fri 07/14 Hui Zhang Dynamo & Review Dynamo: Decandia07

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