High-speed Rails Networking


Recently, high-speed rails (HSRs) has been rapidly developed and dramatically changes the way people commute for medium-to-long distance travel. To date, 18 countries have developed HSR to connect major cities. HSR systems potentially provide a more efficient way of door-to-door transportation than airplane. However, they also pose unprecedented challenges in delivering seamless Internet service for on-board passengers. This project aims to optimize data networking performance both vertically and horizontally for a broad class of network applications and services in such extreme high mobility situation.


Chenren Xu Peking University
Feng Qian University of Minnesota
Yuanjie Li Hewlett Packard Labs
Xiufeng Xie Hewlett Packard Labs
Zhongfeng Wang China Academy of Railway Sciences
Jing Wang Peking University
Yunzhe Ni Peking University
Taide Liu Peking University
Zhiyao Ma Peking University
Yufan Zheng Peking University
Wangyang Li Peking University
Yihua Cheng Peking University
Zhuo Cheng Peking University
Wantong Jiang Peking University


[Mobicom'19] An Active-Passive Measurement Study of TCP Performance over LTE on High-speed Rails [paper] [dataset] [html]

Jing Wang, Yufan Zheng, Yunzhe Ni, Chenren Xu, Feng Qian, Wangyang Li, Wantong Jiang, Yihua Cheng, Zhuo Cheng, Yuanjie Li, Xiufeng Xie, Yi Sun, Zhongfeng Wang