Full-time Faculty Members

Chenren Xu (许辰人)

Assistant Professor | Ph.D. Advisor

Software-hardware Orchestrated ARchitecture Group (SOAR)

Center for Energy-efficient Computing and Applications (CECA)

School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)

Peking University

5 Yiheyuan Road, Beijing, China, 100871

Tel: +86(0)10-6276-0130

Fax: +86(0)10-6275-8746

Email: chenren.xu [at] gmail.com

Office: 515S Science Building No.5


11/2018: RetroV2X work is awarded SenSys'18 Best Demo!

11/2018: Invited to serve on the TPC for MobiSys'19!

10/2018: High-speed Rails TCP work is accepted to MobiCom'19!

09/2018: Backscatter tutorial paper was featured in IEEE Signal Processing Magazine Special Issue on IoT!

06/2018: Invited to serve on the Web Chair for SIGCOMM'19!

06/2018: Invited to serve on the TPC for IPSN'19 and EWSN'19!

02/2018: Invited to serve on the TPC for SenSys'18!

11/2017: FPGA-Edge work is accepted to INFOCOM'18!

10/2017: Yue and Yang won the Silver and Bronze medal award in MobiCom'17 SRC.

10/2017: Invited to co-chair the Poster/Demo/Video session for UbiComp'18!

08/2017: Invited to serve on the TPC for IPSN'18, ICDCS'18 and SECON'18!

07/2017: On-bed Vital Sign Sensing work is accepted to SenSys'17!

06/2017: Visible Light Backscatter work is accepted to MobiCom'17!

11/2015: Co-chairing IoT-App'15 Workshop at ACM SenSys'15 in Seoul on Nov. 1st.   

Short Bio

Prof. Chenren Xu is a principal investigator in the Department of Computer Science and School of EECS at Peking University (PKU) where he directs Software-hardware Orchestrated ARchitecture Group (SOAR) since 2015. Prior to joining PKU, he earned his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from WINLAB, Rutgers University and was a postdoctoral fellow in Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University and visiting scholars in Microsoft Research and AT&T Shannon Labs. He is also affiliated with Center for Energy-efficient Computing and Applications (CECA) at PKU and Joint Research Institute in Science and Engineering by PKU and UCLA.

Research Interests

Radio/Optical Backscatter Communication for Battery-free IoT Applications

Future Mobile Internet Architecture for High Mobility Data Networking

Wireless Edge Computing for Human-centric Sensing and Network Applications


Post-Doc, Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University, 2015

Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering, Rutgers University, 2014

M.S., Applied and Mathematical Statistics, Rutgers University, 2014

B.E., Automation, Shanghai University, 2008


ACM SenSys Best Demo Award, 2018

Alibaba DAMO Academy Young Fellow, 2018

MSRA Visiting Young Faculty Program (StarTrack), 2018

CCF-Intel Young Faculty Researcher Program, 2017

Rutgers ECE Graduate Program Academic Achievement Award, 2015

Samsung Best Paper Award, Gold Medal, 2014

ACM UbiComp Best Paper Nominee, 2014

ACM SenSys Best Poster Award, 2011

Shanghai Distinguished College Graduate, 2008

National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest Shanghai Divison, First Prize, 2007


04832250 Computer Networks (Honor Track), Fall'18, Fall'17, Fall'16

04830241 Computer Network Practicum, Fall'18, Fall'17, Fall'16

04832271 Research Methods in Computer Science, Spring'18, Spring'17, Spring'16

04833010 Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Spring'17, Spring'16

04832363 Seminar on Introduction to Computer Systems, Fall'18, Fall'17, Fall'16

Journal and Magazine Publication

  1. Practical Backscatter Communication Systems for Battery-Free Internet of Things: A Tutorial and Survey of Recent Research

    Chenren Xu, Lei Yang, Pengyu Zhang
    IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, 2018. Featured Article.
  2. Device-free WiFi Human Sensing: From Pattern-based to Model-based Approaches

    Dan Wu, Daqing Zhang, Chenren Xu, Hao Wang, Xiang Li
    IEEE Communications Magazine, 2017
  3. The Case for Efficient and Robust RF-based Device-free Localization

    Chenren Xu, Bernhard Firner, Yanyong Zhang, Richard Howard
    IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 2016
  4. What Am I Looking At? Low-Power Radio-Optical Beacons for In-View Recognition Using Smart Glasses

    Ashwin Ashok, Chenren Xu, Tam Vu, Marco Gruteser, Richard Howard, Yanyong Zhang, Narayan Mandayam, Wenjia Yuan, Kristin Dana
    IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 2016. Featured Article.

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Selected Conference Publication

  1. An Active-Passive Measurement Study of TCP Performance over LTE on High-speed Rails

    Jing Wang, Yufan Zheng, Chenren Xu, Yunzhe Ni, Wangyang Li, Yihua Cheng, Zhuo Cheng, Feng Qian, Yuanjie Li, Xiufeng Xie, Yi Sun, Zhongfeng Wang
    ACM MobiCom, 2019
  2. Demo: A Visible Light Backscatter Communication Solution for Low-cost Parking Space Detection

    Lilei Feng, Yang Shen, Xieyang Xu, Purui Wang, Guojun Chen, Chenren Xu
    ACM UbiComp, Singapore, October 2018
  3. Demo: Software-defined Visible Light Backscatter Network

    Xieyang Xu, Yang Shen, Guojun Chen, Yue Wu, Lilei Feng, Qing Wang, Chenren Xu
    ACM MobiSys, Munich, Germany, June 2018
  4. Accelerating Mobile Applications at the Network Edge with Software-Programmable FPGAs

    Shuang Jiang, Dong He, Chenxi Yang, Chenren Xu, Guojie Luo, Yang Chen, Yunlu Liu, Jiangwei Jiang
    IEEE INFOCOM, Honolulu, HI, USA, April 2018
  5. PassiveVLC: Enabling Practical Visible Light Backscatter Communication for Batery-free IoT Applications

    Xieyang Xu, Yang Shen, Junrui Yang, Chenren Xu, Guobin Shen, Guojun Chen, Yunzhe Ni
    ACM MobiCom, Snowbird, Utah, USA, October 2017
  6. Monitoring a Person's Heart Rate and Respiratory Rate on a Shared Bed Using Geophones

    Zhenhua Jia, Amelie Bonde, Sugang Li, Chenren Xu, Jingxian Wang, Yanyong Zhang, Richard E. Howard, Pei Zhang
    ACM SenSys, Delft, The Netherlands, November 2017
  7. WiDir: Walking Direction Estimation Using Wireless Signals

    Dan Wu, Daqing Zhang, Chenren Xu, Yasha Wang, Hao Wang
    ACM UbiComp, Heidelberg, Germany, September 2016
  8. Whose Moving is it Anyway? Authenticating Smart Wearable Devices Using Unique Head Movement Patterns

    Sugang Li, Ashwin Ashok, Yanyong Zhang, Chenren Xu, Janne Lindqvist, Marco Gruteser
    IEEE PerCom, Sydney, Australia, March 2016
  9. Handling a trillion (unfixable) flaws on a billion devices: Rethinking network security for the Internet-of-Things

    Tianlong Yu, Vyas Sekar, Srinivasan Seshan, Yuvraj Agarwal, Chenren Xu
    ACM HotNets, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, November 2015

Please refer to SOAR group website or Google Scholar for complete list.

Selected Professional Service

Technical Program Committee:

   •  MobiSys'19 (light), IPSN'19, EWSN'19

   •  SenSys'18 (light), IPSN'18, MM'18, ICDCS'18, SECON'18, GLOBECOM'18

   •  MM'17, CarSys'17, GLOBECOM'17, WearSys'17, HumanSys'17

   •  SECON'16, WearSys'16

   •  MobiSys'15 (light), BuildSys'15, VLCS'15

Organizing Committee:

   •  Web Chair of SIGCOMM'19

   •  Poster/Demo Chair of UbiComp'18

   •  Poster/Demo Chair of HotMobile'17

   •  Program Chair of PerCom'16 workshop on CoSDEO

   •  Program Chair of SenSys'15 workshop on IoT-App

   •  Publicity Chair of IPSN'15


Membership: ACM, CCF, IEEE