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I am looking for highly self-motivated Postdoc, Ph.D. students and undergrads to work on the design, implementation and evaluation of IoT/XG networking systems for intelligent mobile and ubiquitous computing in the smart transportation, logistics, manufacturing and health domains.

Office Hours for Spring 2022 is by appointment.

02/2022: Invited to serve as TPC for SenSys'22, please consider submitting!
01/2022: SalientVR: Saliency-driven Mobile 360-degree Video Streaming is accepted to MobiCom'22!
12/2021: High-speed rails 5G measurement work is accepted to SIGMETRICS'22!
10/2021: Invited to serve as Associate Editor for《电子学报》and Chinese Journal of Electronics!
10/2021: Invited to serve as TPC for MobiSys'22, please consider submitting!
09/2021: FDD MIMO is accepted to MobiCom'21!
08/2021: Invited to serve as TPC for IPSN'22, please consider submitting!
08/2021: (Early) tenured!
08/2021: Appointed as Information Director of ACM SIGMOBILE and Cross-Sig Activity Director of ACM SIGBED!
07/2021: Congratulations to Purui for winning the PKU EECS Rising Star Award (1/336)!
06/2021: Invited to serve as TPC for MobiCom'22, please consider submitting!
05/2021: Named as World's Top 2% Scientists 2020 by Stanford University!
04/2021: Invited to serve as Associate Editor for Communications of the CCF《中国计算机学会通讯》!
04/2021: Awarded CIE Outstanding Scientific and Technological Worker (中国电子学会优秀科技工作者)!
01/2021: Appointed as Secretary General of ACM SIGBED China!
01/2021: Invited to serve as TPC for SenSys'21, please consider submitting!
12/2020: Invited to co-chair the Poster/Demo session for UbiComp'21, please consider submitting!
12/2020: Awarded ACM SIGCOMM China Rising Star!
11/2020: Gave a keynote speech in SenSys'20 Ph.D. Forum!
09/2020: Awarded NSFC Excellent Young Scientists Fund (国家自然科学基金优秀青年科学基金)!
09/2020: Gave a keynote speech in UbiComp'20 CPD Workshop!
07/2020: Invited to serve TPC for INFOCOM'21 and Publication Chair for SIGCOMM'21!
05/2020: RetroTurbo (VLC backscatter) and NFC+ (Magnetic Backscatter) systems are accepted to SIGCOMM'20!
05/2020: LTE disconnection taxonomy and HSR TCP-LTE measurement study is accepted to JSAC'20!
05/2020: FPGA-based Edge Computing System is accepted to TMC'20!
01/2020: Invited to serve as TPC, Vice General Chair and Student Travel Grant Chair for SenSys'20!
01/2020: VLC Backscatter System for Infrastructure-to-Vehicle Networking is accepted to MobiCom'20!
12/2019: FPGA-powered Dynamic DNN Reconfigurable Continuous Mobile Vision System is accepted to INFOCOM'20!
12/2019: Gave a keynote speech in Embedded AI Summit in Shenzhen, China!
10/2019: PQAM for VLC Backscatter won MobiCom'19 Student Research Competition Gold Medal!
07/2019: Invited to serve as TPC for IPSN'20 and Publicity Chair for CPS-IoT Week'20!
07/2019: SGX-based Privacy-perserving Edge Computing System is accepted to MobiCom'19!
06/2019: Co-chaired ACM MobiSys'19 Rising Stars Forum in Seoul, Korea!
05/2019: Gave a keynote speech in Rising Star Forum of ACM Turing Celebration Conference - China (ACM China未来新星论坛)!
03/2019: Gave a seminar talk on VLC Backscatter work in MIT CSAIL!
03/2019: Backscatter opensource platform tutorial paper is featured in GetMobile Magazine!
02/2019: Invited to serve as Workshop Chair of SenSys'19!
01/2019: Invited to serve as Associate Editor of ACM IMWUT/UbiComp!
11/2018: Gave an invited talk on VLC Backscatter work in Future Internet Summit in Seoul, Korea!
11/2018: VLC Backscatter System for V2X communications is awarded SenSys'18 Best Demo!
10/2018: High-speed Rails TCP is accepted to MobiCom'19!
09/2018: Awarded Alibaba DAMO Academy Young Fellow of class 2018!
09/2018: Backscatter tutorial paper was featured in IEEE Signal Processing Magazine Special Issue on IoT!
06/2018: Invited to serve as Web Chair for SIGCOMM'19 and TPC for IPSN'19!
02/2018: Invited to serve as TPC for SenSys'18!
10/2017: Awarded MSRA StarTrack Visiting Scholarship of class 2018!
10/2017: Awarded CCF-Intel Young Faculty of class 2017!
10/2017: Gave seminar talks on VLC Backscatter work in TUM, Oxford and Cambridge!
10/2017: Software-defined Charging and VLC Backsatter won MobiCom'17 Student Research Competition Silver and Bronze Medals!
10/2017: Invited to co-chair the Poster/Demo session for UbiComp'18!
07/2017: On-bed Vital Sign Sensing work is accepted to SenSys'17!
07/2017: Invited to attend the NSF Extreme Wireless Visioning Workshop held in Salt Lake City!
06/2017: VLC Backscatter for Battery-free IoT is accepted to MobiCom'17!