Short Bio

Prof. Chenren Xu is an Endowed Boya Young Fellow Associate Professor (with early tenure) and Deputy Director of Institute of Intelligent Networked Computer System in the School of Computer Science at Peking University (PKU) where he directs Software-hardware Orchestrated ARchitecture (SOAR) Lab, and enjoys inventing future mobile technologies with his students to bridge the gap between networking and transportation for improving high mobility data networking, e.g., world's first roadway retroreflective V2X prototype for scalable vehicular networking, and collaborative edge networking and computing systems for high-speed railways. He earned his Ph.D. from WINLAB, Rutgers University, and worked as postdoctoral fellow in Carnegie Mellon University and visiting scholars in AT&T Shannon Labs and Microsoft Research. He is the General Secretary of ACM SIGBED China, Executive Committee of ACM SIGBED and SIGMOBILE, and Associate Editors of ACM IMWUT,《电子学报》and Communications of the CCF. He published papers and has been serving as organization committee and/or TPC in top venues including SIGCOMM, MobiCom, NSDI, SenSys and INFOCOM. He is a recipient of NSFC Excellent Young Scientists Fund (2020), ACM SIGCOMM China Rising Star (2020), Alibaba DAMO Academy Young Fellow (2018), CCF-Intel Young Faculty (2017) awards. His work has been featured in MIT Technology Review,《AI科技评论》and《人物》.

Research Interest

Low Power IoT Connectivity [MobiCom'17][SPM'18][MobiCom'20][SIGCOMM'20a][SIGCOMM'20b][SenSys'20][MobiCom'21][NSDI'23]
High Mobility Data Networking [MobiCom'19a][ICDCS'19][APNet'19][JSAC'20][SIGMETRICS'22][NSDI'23]
Mobile Edge Computing [UbiComp'14][HotNets'15][INFOCOM'18][MobiCom'19b][INFOCOM'20][TMC'20][MobiCom'22]
Human-centric Sensing [IPSN'12][IPSN'13][UbiComp'13][UbiComp'16][TMC'16a][SenSys'17][IPSN'20][UbiComp'21][UbiComp'22]

Selected Honors

CIE Outstanding Scientific and Technological Worker (中国电子学会优秀科技工作者), 2021
World's Top 2% Scientists 2020 by Stanford University, 2020
Beijing Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis Supervisor (北京市优秀本科毕业论文指导教师), 2020
PKU Computer Science Faculty Research Award (北京大学计算机系科研工作先进个人), 2020
PKU Computer Science Faculty Service Award (北京大学计算机系服务工作先进个人), 2020
NSFC Excellent Young Scientists Fund (国家自然科学基金优秀青年科学基金), 2020
ACM SIGCOMM China Rising Star Award, 2020
MIT Technology Review 35 Innovators Under 35 Competition Finalist, 2020
MSRA Collaborative Research Grant Award, 2020
ACM MobiCom Student Research Competition Gold Medal (Advisor), 2019
Appreciation by ACM MobiSys, 2019
Baosteel Excellence in Teaching Award (宝钢优秀教师奖), 2018
ACM SenSys Best Demo Award, 2018
Alibaba DAMO Academy Young Fellow, 2018
Microsoft Research Asia StarTrack Visiting Young Faculty, 2018
CCF-Intel Young Faculty Award, 2017
ACM MobiCom Student Research Competition Silver/Bronze Medal (Advisor), 2017
Rutgers ECE Graduate Program Academic Achievement Award, 2015
Samsung Best Paper Award Gold Medal, 2014
ACM UbiComp Best Paper Nominee, 2014
ACM SenSys Best Poster Award, 2011
Shanghai Outstanding Graduate Award (上海市优秀毕业生), 2008
National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest Shanghai Divison First Prize, 2007


Passive Communication and Localization System
   •  APSARA (云栖大会)'21 Alibaba Cloud Predictable Network Workshop, Hangzhou, China, October, 2021
Towards Ubiquitous and Efficient High Mobility Data Networking: from Retro-reflective Roadway to High-speed Railway
   •  Keynote at UbiComp'20 CPD Workshop, Cancun (Virtual), Mexico, September, 2020
Academic Social: A Retrospective Reflection on Unintentional Networking
   •  Keynote at SenSys'20 Ph.D. Forum, Yokohama (Virtual), Japan, November, 2020
The Cases of Visible Light Backscatter Communication for Battery-free IoT and V2X Applications
   •  Keynote at Embedded AI Summit, Shenzhen, China, December, 2019
   •  Keynote at Rising Star Forum of ACM Turing Celebration Conference - China, Chengdu, China, May, 2019
   •  MIT CSAIL Seminar, Cambridge, MA, USA, March, 2019
   •  The Forum of Turing Centers, Shanghai, China, December, 2018
   •  Future Internet Summit, Seoul, Korea, November, 2018
   •  Annual PKU-UCLA JRI Symposium, Los Angles, CA, USA, October, 2018
   •  Tsinghua-ROHM International Forum of Industry-Academia, Beijing, China, May, 2017
The Rise of Augmented Intelligence in Edge Networks
   •  Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Rice University, Houston, TX, USA, August, 2018
   •  Computer Laboratory Systems Research Group Seminar of University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK, October, 2017
   •  Cyber Physical Systems Group of Oxford University, Oxford, UK, October, 2017
   •  Connected Mobility Research Group of Technical University of Munich, Munich, Germany, October, 2017
   •  Microsoft Research Asia StarTrack Forum, Beijing, China, September, 2017
Learning Human Context through Unobtrusive Methods
   •  Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), Palo Alto, CA, USA, April, 2014
   •  FX Palo Alto Laboratory (FXPAL), Palo Alto, CA, USA, March, 2014
   •  Samsung Research America, San Jose, CA, USA, March, 2014