Recent Publications

Practical Backscatter Communication Systems for Battery-Free Internet of Things: A Tutorial and Survey of Recent Research
Chenren Xu, Lei Yang, Pengyu Zhang
IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, 2018.

Poster: A Multipath Transport Multihoming Mobile Relay Architecture for High-speed Rails Networking
Yunzhe Ni, Chenren Xu
ACM MobiSys, 2018.

Demo: Software-defined Visible Light Backscatter Network
Xieyang Xu, Yang Shen, Guojun Chen, Yue Wu, Lilei Feng, Qing Wang, Chenren Xu
ACM MobiSys, 2018.

Accelerating Mobile Applications at the Network Edge with Software-Programmable FPGAs
Shuang Jiang, Dong He, Chenxi Yang, Chenren Xu, Guojie Luo, Yang Chen, Yunlu Liu, Jiangwei Jiang

PassiveVLC: Enabling Practical Visible Light Backscatter Communication for Batery-free IoT Applications
Xieyang Xu, Yang Shen, Junrui Yang, Chenren Xu, Guobin Shen, Guojun Chen, Yunzhe Ni
ACM MobiCom, 2017.

Monitoring a Person's Heart Rate and Respiratory Rate on a Shared Bed Using Geophones
Zhenhua Jia, Amelie Bonde, Sugang Li, Chenren Xu, Jingxian Wang, Yanyong Zhang, Richard E. Howard, Pei Zhang
ACM SenSys, 2017.

Device-free WiFi Human Sensing: From Pattern-based to Model-based Approaches
Dan Wu, Daqing Zhang, Chenren Xu, Hao Wang, Xiang Li
IEEE Communication Magazine, 2017.

Transmit Only: An Ultra Low Overhead MAC Protocol for Dense Wireless Systems
Yanyong Zhang, Bernhard Firner, Richard Howard, Richard Martin, Narayan Mandayam, Junichiro Fukuyama, Chenren Xu

Distributed and weighted extreme learning machine for imbalanced big data learning
Zhiqiong Wang, Junchang Xin, Hongxu Yang, Shuo Tian, Ge Yu, Chenren Xu, Yudong Yao
Tsinghua Science and Technology, 2017.

WiDir: Walking Direction Estimation Using Wireless Signals
Dan Wu, Daqing Zhang, Chenren Xu, Yasha Wang, Hao Wang
ACM UbiComp, 2016.

Beyond Smartphone Overuse: Identifying Addictive Mobile Apps.
Xiang Ding, Jing Xu, Guanling Chen, Chenren Xu
ACM CHI EA, 2016.

What Am I Looking At? Low-Power Radio-Optical Beacons For In-View Recognition Using SmartGlasses.
Ashwin Ashok, Chenren Xu, Tam Vu, Marco Gruteser, Richard Howard, Yanyong Zhang, Narayan Mandayam, Wenjia Yuan, and Kristin Dana
IEEE Transaction on Mobile Computing, 2016.

The Case for Efficient and Robust RF-based Device-free Localization.
Chenren Xu, Bernhard Firner, Yanyong Zhang, Richard Howard
IEEE Transaction on Mobile Computing, 2016.

Whose Move is it Anyway? Authenticating Smart Wearable Devices Using Unique Head Movement Patterns.
Sugang Li, Ashwin Ashok, Yanyong Zhang, Chenren Xu, Janne LindQvist, Marco Gruteser
IEEE PERCOM, 2016. (Acceptance rate: 25/168 = 15%)

Handling a trillion (unfixable) flaws on a billion devices: Rethinking network security for the Internet-of-Things
Tianlong Yu, Vyas Sekar, Srinivasan Seshan, Yuvraj Agarwal, Chenren Xu
ACM HotNets, 2015. (Acceptance rate: 26/140 = 18%)

Publications prior to joining CECA

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