SOAR is seeking for passionate postdoc with experience in hardware circuit design, software system implementation and machine learning algorithm development in IoT Health. See details here.

February 2017

Chenren Xu
Chenren is invited to serve as the poster and demo chair of ACM HotMobile'17, please consider submitting!

ACM HotMobile'17 will be in Sonoma, California from Feb. 21 to Feb.22, 2017
July 2016

Junrui Yang
Junrui accepts Stanford

He will be a PhD student in CS department of Stanford University. Congratulations!
June 2016

Chenren Xu
Chenren co-chaired IoT-App'15 Workshop at ACM SenSys'15

ACM SenSys'15 is in Seoul on Nov. 1st
November 2015

Zhenyi Li
Zhenyi won two scholarships from Qualcomm and Google

She won WeTech Qualcomm Global Scholarship in 2015 and Google Antia Borg Scholarship in July 2016! Congratulations
July 2016

Shuang Jiang
Shuang won Excellent Graduation Thesis Award of EECS @ PKU

June 2016

Yunting Liu
Yunting accepts CMU

She will be a master student in Carnegie Mellon University. Congratulations!
June 2016

Tianchong Jiang
Tianchong accepts GATech

He will be a master student in ECE of Georgia Tech. Congratulations!
March 2016